What My Clients Are Saying

Po L.

I talked to Marina Leung on mid of June when I was in Hong Kong. She was referred by another Real Property agent in San Francisco. Marina got all the necessary information she need from us and started to help me with all kinds of issues from our family that would like to settle down in LA instead of SF. I'm an overseas investor without a permanant ID to stay in US my husband just holding an 'EA SSN' and my son is a college student that too young to hold an property. Appreciated for her smart and well social network to achieve our 1st goal of house hunting in LA.I met Tracy B on June 23 2022 when I just landed to LA airport. She were very efficient to pick me up did a few home visited and drived me to hotel for rest. There were many many assistance from them in which I can't mentioned all one by one in this review. Including Gloria she did well for translation as my husband and mine's mother tongue are Cantonese Chinese language. In terms of saying that they are doing business as an agent I would prefer to say they are a family member of mine that provided professional insight of the property market in California. They put our family in a first place than just want to earn commission after the deals. All their advices aimed to let us (A couple and a 19 yrs old son) enjoy a ideal home in Chino Hills and connected us with other service provider on documents and procedure for settling down in LA. Thanks to Marina Tracy and Gloria I have warm feeling from them as a basket of factors that affecting us in July and August. They have such a lot of patience to help us to solve the issues step by step. I met other property agent before that he/ she more focus on the deal of transaction than listen to our needs and limited financial budget.Marina Tracy and Gloria are always a solid player on their client's want and need. No doubt we will recommendation this capable teams to our friends.We wish they ever sucess in future as one the top agent team.Venus Manfield and Seth

Christelle D.

Marina Leung was absolutely amazing. As first time home buyers my husband and I had no idea what to expect Marina was very helpful through the entire purchase. She was super patient with us and really worked to understand exactly what kind of home and neighborhood we wanted she has always answered every call or email no matter what time of day or night it was. I really appreciated how objective she was when she felt like a property wouldn't work for us she'd tell us. She was also very knowledgeable about the market and really helped us figure out the best price to make offers. She even went to different stores with us and gave us advise on flooring selection bathroom vanities etc. We were so fortunate to have found Marina Leung and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Gina J.

Marina was so attentive and very quick to answer any and all questions and made me feel comfortable with all situations that arose! She even got on a plane short notice and flew across the country just so we could sign papers in person! She is so dedicated and really cares about her clients and it shows. It was very much a pleasure working with Marina and she made the process easy even though the market was tough to buy in! Thanks for all your hard work Marina you are the best!

Pam J.

To say this has been an insane market to buy a new home in would be an understatement. And….to say we had the best realtor in the entire industry and beyond would also be an understatement.Marina Leung made buying a home a seamless process in a market the likes of which we haven't seen maybe ever. From her stellar team and loan broker recommendation to her unrivaled work ethic Marina made the impossible happen for us. We were helping our son with a home purchase for a move to CA for his new job. We had only a few months to make this transaction happen in a market with perhaps the lowest inventory in history. Not only did Marina find us the perfect home get our offer accepted by doing the work to figure out how to present us as the best buyer help us find fire insurance in an impossible fire zone area and do the final walkthrough because we were out of town her crowning achievement was booking a flight to CT when the lender required all buyers to sign closing docs on the SAME DAY even though we are in 2 different states. She flew to CT for the first signing and ferried the documents back to CA that same day to arrive at our home at 9pm with her notary so we could meet the lender's requirement. Not once did she waver in her commitment to us and to an industry she is proud to serve. I quite frankly have never seen such commitment in any transaction.If you are serious about buying or selling a home Marina should be your realtor.

Donn B.

We've known Marina for approximately 5 - 5-1/2 years. We met her when we were looking for someone to lease our home. We leased our home twice during this timeframe and both tenants were terrific. We never had any problems the tenants were very nice & responsible and Marina was always there for us if we needed her.We were in contact with Marina during the entire time our home was leased whether by her great emails or meeting for a friendly lunch. Marina is a very responsible realtor and takes her job seriously and she is so very friendly and always offers to help us in any way she can. We now have our home up for Lease (or Sale) again and Marina is the only one we want to handle this for us. We trust her completely.SincerelyAnn and Donn Bergeman

Mikio N.

Marina provided an excellent overview of the Orange County market. We had hoped to purchase a home but circumstances shifted so that we had to rent for a year. She was most helpful in scouting out potential properties in advance as well as setting up appointments to tour these various rental homes. She accompanied us on the "hunt" which proved to be difficult because of low inventory and a competitive market environment. during the process she offered great insight and feedback.once a lease was signed marina communicated with the other leasing agent and let us know exactly what we needed to do. she gave detailed instructions and was always prompt in responding to any questions concerns etc.her main focus is you the client and making sure that you are happy and fit happily in your new home.

Sheherbano and Sadiq M.

What sets Marina apart from other realtors is her unique sensitivity to her client's lifestyle.She is unbelievably accommodating  working patiently with our schedules and even our moods. Don't be fooled by her soft and calm demeanor  she will go to battle for her clients. Her depth of knowledge transcends real estate.  She's also a great resource for all home related projects. We have used her expertise in buying  selling  and even renting a home  and would recommend her to anyone. Once you work with Marina you'll find an agent for life.

Ed. D.

I can sum up Marina's real estate support in one word 'Wow!'. I have been buying and selling real estate both personal and income properties for 30 years and have never had a real estate agent as capable as Marina Leung. Marina's strategy of hosting a neighbor wine & cheese party and multiple open houses sold my ocean front condominium for top dollar very quickly. She also helped me identify and locate the perfect single family home that I purchased. Her willingness to help me submit an offer on a holiday enabled me to buy my home in a very competitive market. I will request Marina's expertise for all of my future real estate needs and I recommend her to everyone I know that needs assistance.


I couldn’t have asked for a better agent for the sale of my house in Irvine. It was a bumpy road and Marina handled every challenge skillfully, insulating me from all the potential stress. She did all the heavy lifting, met with inspectors at various hours, and even assertively negotiated a better deal for me in the end. When I talk to my friends about her I always describe her as a “rockstar.” Seriously. Her work ethic is unmatched. She gets an A in my book. Marina goes above and beyond expectations in so many ways. Highly recommend her.

Kevin B.

I seriously can't imagine having a better agent than Marina. To say she went above and beyond in the purchase of my new home would be the understatement of the century. The amount of time effort and energy she put into the purchase was staggering. She treated my money as if it were her own in a number of ways including getting me a refund of $25000 late in the closing process. Marina is an all-star agent. Words can't describe how highly I'd recommend her.

Skyler D.

Marina is an excellent agent to work with! She has in-depth knowledge of the local markets as well as the history and culture of California. As a first home buyer I felt reassured by her patience attention to detail and the strong relationships in the area that she has built. Marina walked me through the process step by step. She was excited about showing the many properties we visited no matter the distance between them. For any upcoming real estate transaction I will be working with Marina.  

Chanelle J.

This is my first time stepping into the house buying game and I could not have done this without Marina by my side. She was dedicated to me and my vision of finding the perfect home. She helped me visualize what I wanted and then did everything she could to find true keepers for me to view. While there were a few boogers along the way (as to be expected) and I found myself feeling sad and frustrated Marina remained resolute and confident that we would find "the one." She was my cheerleader my confidant and my faithful eagle eyes. She scoured lists and even viewed properties I sent. She used her professional expertise to guide me and not allow me to settle for something less than I wanted.  If I had to describe her in one word it would be tireless. When she is on the hunt for a house she goes above and beyond to service her clients all hours of the day. Even my late night texts with prospective homes were answered promptly and honestly. I know that the home buying process is quite the beast and can feel quite overwhelming but with Marina in my corner I felt safe and secure the entire time. Thank you for everything Marina. I can't wait to start my new life in the home that you helped me find!

Arnel C.

Marina made all our experiences easy and very pleasant for us. She went above and beyond a realtor's responsibility and made us feel taken care of all the time. She got the best price for our property more than we expected and most importantly she listened to our desires. My family and I will always go to Marina for our real estate needs and I will not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs anything real estate related.

Jenny Z.

When my husband and I decided to start a family almost twenty years ago the idea of homeownership excited us. Of course life happens and priorities begin to shift quickly. With every passing year the enthusiasm began to fade and the idea of purchasing our very own home seemed impossible until something remarkable happened. When Marina first came into our lives at first glance it seemed like any other encounter. However we soon realized it was far from it – we were meant to meet. It was this encounter that changed our lives forever and she is undoubtedly the reason we own a home today!  It is a fact that purchasing a home can be nerve-wracking. My experience was no different as this is part of the natural process. However I felt a tremendous sense of trust in Marina and the team she assembled. She made sure to educate us along the way guiding and mentoring us through the process while still allowing us to have autonomy over our decisions. She was sure to present us with every possible piece of information and scenario even if it meant long dinners late coffee meetings and the occasional deep soul searching pep talks. Marina made me feel safe. I knew she had my family's best interest in mind – always!  Marina was no longer just our agent she became a member of our family. 

Kimberly C.

With my less than stellar financial state I never imagined that I could own my own home but Marina made it all possible! Whenever I can I give out referrals for her to others looking for a realtor.

Beri S.

Marina Leung is simply the best! I met Marina initially when I came out to California for a job interview. She was extremely helpful showing me around homes and different areas. When I took the job I contacted her to find a home to buy.This move was somewhat complex as we were moving across country with three small children and had dates of when we had to leave Ohio and when we had to be in Orange County.I made two different trips in 2 months and saw houses over four days.We saw approximatelty 70 houses during this time. Each day was extremely well-organized which maximized what I could see and do. I never felt pressured and Marina was clear that we would not make an offer until I found something I loved. She was open to finding a rental if necessary. As Marina got to know me she clearly honed in on what I like and don't like and which areas would best meet our family's needs. On the second trip it was clear that things weren't clicking. She suggested looking in North Tustin a place with which I was not familiar. I immediately liked the area and found a home that same day.During negotiations Marina was meticulous. She had an excellent handle on what the property was worth and what was a good price. She knew every detail of the agreement and easily caught some things that were overlooked. Marina was always available and clear in explaining options and providing recommendations.It was a somewhat unusal transaction for a variety of reasons and it is a near miracle that we closed escrow and moved into this great house.It is clear to me that most other agents would have abandoned this transaction but instead Marina held it together. Ultimately despite several problems (mortgage issues move in date disagreements) all parties left the deal happy. Since moving in Marina has continued to support us and helped us as we establish ourselves in the area.I wholeheartedly recommend Marina Leung for any real estate transaction. She is extremely knowledgeable friendly meticulous and dedicated. She also has many amazing connections in the area and has been a great friend to our family.